Why do I need your services?

Three Questions from FITA (The Federation of International TradeAssociations) website: If the answer to any of these three questions is "No," then do as over 5,000 small (and even some larger) manufacturers have done: turn over the job of building an export business to a specialized export sales firm called an Export Management Company (EMC).

  1. Does your firm have the time and specialized knowledge to enter export markets?
  2. Does your firm have the money or specialized personnel needed to develop an export business?
  3. Is your business growing at a satisfactory rate?

You could hire an export manager to establish an export department, but it will cost you substantial money out of your pocket. With us, the cost to you with even better results will be at a fraction of that you would spend on your own.

How do you charge for your services?

It depends on situations. Most of the time, we work on commission bases.